AI vs ISIS: The Pentagon working on AI project to wipe out terror

AI vs Terror

When we talk about the military application of Artificial Intelligence, the first thought that comes to our mind is The Terminator. Sure everyone loves watching Arnold single-handedly destroying thugs and looking insane while doing it. But the reality is far from it. This month The US Defense Department announced that it was taking a huge leap towards the regular use of AI. The Pentagon also announced the completion of it’s program. the program to bring State-of-the-art AI technology to American military.

Project Maven is helping US Special Operations Command intelligence analysts to identify objects in footage from ScanEagle AI drones. They are using special algorithms to determine potential threats in the battlefield like improvised explosive devices and car bombs.

Project Maven has been operationally deployed in the Middle East to aid in the fight against ISIS. The AI machine is currently operating at 80% accuracy and has correctly identified people, cars and types of building. The team plans to extend the algorithms to smaller tactical drones before incorporating medium-altitude Predator and Reaper drones by next summer.

This marks the first time the military has fielded AI systems using Deep Learning and Neural Networks om the battlefield. Project Maven is nothing like the “Skynet” in Terminator. This AI possesses only narrow intelligence. It can only accomplish the task of monitoring feeds from the drones and virtually nothing else.

“What we’re setting the stage for is a future of human-machine teaming up” – AF LT Gen

Air Force Lt Gen John NT Jack Shanahan told Defense One: “What we’re setting the stage for is a future of human-machine teaming. “This is not machines taking over. This is not a technological solution to a technological problem.“It’s an operational solution to an operational problem.”Shanahan described the mechanism as “prototype warfare”. The team trained the AI by going through hours of archived battlefield footage. The algorithm has been paired with a system called Minotaur, a “correlation and georegistration application”.

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