Artificial Intelligence God

Bow down to the AI God being developed by former Google engineer

Anthony Levandowski is founder of the religious group ‘Way of the Future‘. He wants to create a deity based on Artificial Intelligence for the development of society.

Anthony formerly worked for Google and has worked on projects like Intranet services and Autonomous motorcycles and Driverless cars. Now, the Silicon Valley engineer aims to set up an AI worshiping religious organization. Currently, Anthony Levandowski is at the center of a legal battle betwwen Google’s Waymo and Uber.

His religious organization, Way of the Future, has a startling mission: “To develop and promote the realization of a Godhead based on Artificial Intelligence. And through this, contribute to the betterment of the society.”

Anthony co-founded Otto, an autonomous trucking company. Uber bought it in 2016. He was fired from Uber in May amid allegations that the autonomous technology involved were stolen trade secrets from Google. He was grateful for his religious backup project which was registered in 2015.

Requests for details were ignored by The Way of the Future about their all-knowing AI God. But history is witness to the fact that new technology and discoveries have constantly moulded religion. That is, killing Old Gods and giving birth to new ones.

Silicon Valley’s take on religion:

Silicon Valley has always sought peace in technology. they have developed quasi-religious concepts including the “singularity”. It is the hypothesis that machines will eventually be so smart that they will outperform all human capabilities. It will lead to a superhuman intelligence so sophisticated that it will be unimaginable to our tiny, rational brains. People like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking have warned that such systems pose an existential threat to humanity.

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