FitBit buys another smartwatch startup.

One of the best and the most surprising smartwatches of 2015 was from Vector, which had a 30 day battery-life (no, you read it right, 30 day life), pebble UI and a classic watch appearance. The company made a statement saying that it has been bought by fitness wearables firm FitBit and that the employees of Vector will be joining FitBit too.

Now, FitBit will be integrating Vector’s software and hardware with it’s own and no one knows how to feel about this because this maybe good or bad. Schrödinger’s smartwatch, if you may.

The Vector Smartwatch

Vector is the second smartwatch startup FitBit has bought after Pebble, which was at the end of 2016. And judging from this we can say FitBit aims at making wearables with massive battery lives.

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