Ford unveils the Fusion Hybrid at CES 2017

Automotive titan Ford has unveiled it’s new Ford Fusion Hybrid at the CES 2017 in Las Vegas. This is the first autonomous vehicle by the company.

The design has Ford written all over it.

Well, the company won’t be releasing the final model till 2021 but will start previews of the upcoming badass at vehicle events through 2017. The first event will be the CES 2017 followed by the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS).

Ford has updated the autonomous Fusion Hybrid with more processing power and improved the sensor placement. The LIDAR sensor design has been refined, with an enhanced field of view.

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What’s LIDAR, you ask? Good question. LIDAR is short for Light Detection And Ranging. It’s used to detect distances.

Ford is yet to set a price on the Fusion Hybrid, but you may see a lot of them in the future as Ford plans on launching a self-driving fleet across major cities in the US somewhere along 2021. I know right? Sweet.

Even though Ford has entered the race for achieving the perfect autonomous car pretty late, it has made sure not to fall too far behind it’s rivals. Ford recently doubled the size of its development team at Silicon Valley, invested in 40 startups, and signed a long ranging deal with BlackBerry. Yeah, BlackBerry still exists, folks.

However, will Ford be able to catch up to Google, Tesla and Uber, who have their self-driving cars on the road today? Well we will just have to wait to find out.

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