Google Cookies
Google employees programmed an AI to bake them many, many cookies in the name of science

Smart Cookie:

Artificial Intelligence tremendously growing into the world and now world depends on it, Recently published articles state that in future years AI bot will run the elections and now this, Google AI created the cookie recipe and baked it.

On recent blog post, Google notes that a small research team from Pittsburgh working on artificial intelligence to experimental desigIn the end, the cookies turned out to taste good.n.

For testing the technology, team set out to design,

the best possible CHOCOLATE cookies using given a set of INGREDIENTS

By Using Bayesian Optimization, team load the ingredients which they found in a cookie recipe. Then AI created the recipe which google employee tested itslef, and provide a “numerical score relative to store bought some cookie samples.”

We fed that rating back into the system, which learned from the rating and adjusted those “knobs” to create a new recipe. We did this dozens of times—baking, rating, and feeding it back in for a new recipe—and pretty soon the AI got much better at creating tasty recipes.”

Later programmers introduce cookies to their in-house chef and local bakers:

Working out of the Goat Bakery kitchen, Chef John and Jeanette mixed and matched some unusual ingredients like cardamom and szechuan pepper, using the measurements provided by Google’s system.”

The algorithm was created to speed up the process, It takes a set of directions, like numerous recipes, various methods and performs with different changes, also called as Hyperparameters.

The algorithms then persistently performs the orientation until it creates the recipe, AI using every ingredients like baking powder with some butter or soda until the perfect was accomplish.

As it turns out the algorithm worked, over the period of two months, the duo and AI created the 59 batches that evaluate with ingredients like cardamom and szechuan pepper before arriving at “a new take on the classic chocolate chip cookie: The Chocolate Chip and Cardamom Cookie.”

The chocolate chip and cardamom cookie recipe is available below:

Chocolate Chip and Cardamom Cookie

Taste the cookie and let us know in the comment section below:

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