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Mini Google Home by giant expected to rival Amazon’s echo dot

According to a report from Android Police, Google is reportedly prepared to launch a mini Google Home smart speaker at a hardware event dedicated to the upcoming Pixel device. The event is expected to be held in October, just like last years Pixel unveiling was. No specifics such as venue or time of the event were given out by Google.

The mini Google Home speaker would likely be positioned as an Amazon Echo Dot competitor. That would allow you to hook up traditional audio systems with voice control. Also, string together multiple Home units, and access Google Assistant throughout your house. That is without spending an additional $130 on a different Home google home vs Amazon
It is yet to be seen if the mini Google Home can successfully compete in the market against Amazon’s echo dot. the latter has garnered a lot of enthusiasm from buyers around the globe. Amazon enjoyed a significant lead in getting its Echo into homes and has aggressively built up the capabilities of its Alexa voice assistant. Google is coming on strong with its own mini Google home.

A pixel branded new Chromebook is also expected at the event, the first since 2015’s original Chromebook Pixel. It’s unsettled if Google would still be targeting the higher-end notebook market. Microsoft did that earlier this summer when it decided to take on Apple’s MacBook line with its own Surface Laptop. It was running the lean, Chrome OS-like Windows 10 S software.

That being said, it feels a bit too close to a prospective October launch event for rumors of a new Chromebook to just start percolating for the first time. So perhaps the device will make an appearance at a later date, when it won’t have to compete with two new Pixel phones and, now, a possible second addition to Google’s smart home line.

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