Nirvana Gyrodrive becomes world’s first flying car

The future is here. Nirvana autogyro has developed gyrodrive which is the world’s first flying car. Nirvana Autogyro is an innovative company based in Czech Republic. As global automakers compete to bring the first flying car to market a Czech pilot is trying a different tack and has created the ‘GyroDrive’ – a mini helicopter you can drive.

The unique vehicle is more a ‘copter than a car. And yet has been modified to be able to be driven on the public road. The car has been developed by Pavel Brezina, a pilot who has been in the industry for 30 years.

Gyrodrive is world’s first flying car.

Prices start at 1.5 million koruna ($63,500, £49,200). They can reach four million koruna, depending on specifications.

‘Everyone is trying to make a high-speed car that can fly, but this is a different thing,’ Mr Brezina told AFP in a hangar at the Prerov-Bochor airport in the eastern Czech Republic.

Nirvana Systems buys gyroplane kits from a German firm, and then assembles and equips them with a system allowing the pilot-driver to switch between a petrol engine propelling the rotors and an electric engine that drives the wheel. The two-seat GyroDrive has a maximum driving speed of just 40 km/h (25 mph). It can take its crew of two on short drives to a petrol station or a hotel.

The pilot, Pavel Brezina, now plans to take his family which consists of a wife and two children, to London on board the Gyrodrive. Meanwhile inventors around the world scramble around working on prototypes of flying cars.

Would you be willing to invest in a flying car? Let us know your comment on GyroDrive!

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