how to turn on led raspberry pi

How to turn on led light on raspberry pi

How to turn on led raspberry pi

This post only covers the simple step to turn ON a LED accessing the GPIO pins using the python GPIO library. To learn how to turn ON/OFF a LED using a web interface follow the link present at the bottom of the post.

How to turn on led raspberry pi


  1. A Raspberry pi, obviously. We are using the raspberry pi 3 model B
  2. A Breadboard. What is it?
  3. A LED
  4. A 330 ohm resistor
  5. Two Male-Female jumper wires

You can buy points 2-5 from a local electric shop. It cost me $1.50.


  • Boot up the Raspberry pi.
  • Create a file on your raspberry pi and name it (for now). If you are connected to raspberry pi via SSH then nano
  • Copy the below code and paste it to the file. We will be using the GPIO pin #17 since it’s common in all raspberry pis. Read the comments to know what each line does.
    import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
    #importing GPIO module from RPi library
    import time
    #to stop execution after some seconds
    #setting the naming convention to address the GPIO pins
    #instructs python stop printing warning to the console
    #this is necesary as it tells python that pin 17 is going to be used
    print "LED on" #to notify that the GPIO pin is going to output
    #turns ON outputting in GPIO pin no.17
    #stop any further execution of the program for one second
    print "LED off"
    #to notify that the GPIO pin is about to stop outputting
    #turns OFF outputting in GPIO pin no.17
  • Connect jumper wire to GRND and #17 GPIO pin.

    Refer to image below

    How to turn on led light raspberry pi

  • Build the circuit.

    Follow the circuit diagram to complete the connection

    how to turn on led raspberry pi
    This is how the final circuit should look like with a breadboard

Running the code

  • To run this code type: sudo python
  • You’ll see “LED on” printed in the console then stop after one second printing “LED off

Now that you have learned how to turn ON/OFF a LED on a raspberry pi, time for you to move on and build a custom interface to turn ON/OFF the LED.

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