Hackers Working For North Korea Operating From India : Claims NYT

North Korea, Everyone knows the country suffering from dictatorship, from the past years the country’s being joke for owned very few machines and having less expertise , however it changed early in 1990’s Jong-il seen potential of computers and began training to his people.

Now North Korea is often seen to be one of the most isolated country in the current world. The country is hyper-connected and it managed to launch an attack on private sector as well as government. Now the most curious part is Indian hackers are involved in this, Hackers are are launching attack from India on behalf of North Korea, reported the New York Times on Sunday.

India’s Involvement

The New York Times reports states a cyber security firm called Recorded future to estimate that around fifth of North Korea’s attack originated from India. The firm says:

” It is clear that North Korea has a broad physical and virtual presence in India.

Characterised by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs as a relationship of ‘friendship, cooperation, and understanding’, the data we analysed supports the reports of increasingly close diplomatic and trade relationship between India and North Korea.

Patterns of activity suggest that North Korea may have students in at least seven universities around the country and may be working with several research institutes and government departments.”

the report however it suggest that India might also be a victim with record future detecting an activity might be it targeting the ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization), However, the report concluded that it “could not confirm malicious behavior” in this regards.

Meanwhile India does maintain a good diplomatic ties with North Korea, and as it’s growing closer to the United States, and government has demoted ties with Kim Jong-Un’s regime. Indian government recently encourage United Nation to ban all trade with North Korea.

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