LG’s wallpaper art turned out to be a TV and it was intriguing.

Just when we thought LED TV’s can’t get any thinner, LG steps in and smashes our thoughts.

LG’s new W-7 OLED TV is unlike any TV you have witnessed. It cannot stand by itself or on a stand but you have to stick it to a wall like a wallpaper and even then the TV stacks up like just 3.85 mm or 0.15 inch, so thin you’d never notice it from the side.

The best part about this TV definitely has to be it’s uncanny flexibility. You can literally peel the TV off your wall, partially. Yeah, that’s how flexible it is. It can be installed anywhere as long as it’s a wall. LG includes a special flush-mounting plate, the top of which screws into the wall, while the bottom sticks to the wall with magnets.

Like this!

LG showcased the 65 inch and the 77 inch models at the CES. The 65 inch weighs around 18 pounds and the 77 inch model weighs around 27 pounds. That is light-weight, fam! Lighter than most 32 inch LCD’s!

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The TV obviously doesn’t come with speakers because it’s 0.15 inches thick for Pete’s sake. Cut LG some slack, jeez.

The W7 uses special panel speakers that attach to the TV through a cable and then you can play sound or do whatever.

There, at the bottom.

Most of the products showcased at the CES 2017 are to be released in the market at least 2-3 years from now, but not this one.

LG will start shipping the 65 inch model in March for $8000 (roughly £6,580, AU$10,895, INR 5,60,000). It will also be available in a 77-inch size, with pricing and availability to be determined. For reference LG’s current, relatively thicker 77-inch OLED costs $20,000 (roughly £16,225, AU$27,515,INR 14,00,000).

Hey, hey, LG promised us the future, not a cheap price so stop whining! No-one said the future was cheap.

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