video recording contact lens
Sony filed a patent for contact lenses that can record video.

Video recording contact lens.

In 2013 Sony filed a patent in U.S. for a smart contact lens, after long, by mid-2016 Sony revealed it’s plans to launch a wearable lens that can take photos and videos.

This Video recording contact lens comes with in-built storage, which means it’s an independent recording device and doesn’t need to be connected to your smartphone or external devices for storage.

According to the patent, the lens would feature an organic electroluminescence display screen. You can click a snap or record a video by simply blinking an eye and operating the lens via the display.

This wearable camera would feature an autofocus, automatic exposure adjustment and an adjustable zoom. This device is capable of showing you snap previews and video playbacks.

Sony has been working on this technology for several years now, but aren’t the first to do so. Both, Google and Samsung have been working on smart wearable for a while now.

In 2014 Samsung filed a patent in South Korea for a smart contact lens that houses a tiny camera. The same year, Google revealed a high-tech lens that helps diabetics measure glucose levels from their tears.

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