Upgrade Your Oneplus 3 and Oneplus 3T To Android v7.1.1


Android OS is the most popular operating system amongst smartphone users for over a decade now. Google Inc., the mind and the soul behind the OS, released the latest version i.e v7.1.1 which is Android Nougat. Now for those who don’t know, Android versions are named after sweets, and in alphabetical order, so the version before Nougat was Marshmallow and the one before that was Lollipop, and so on till Android E which was Eclairs.


Getting to the point, the Nougat update for Oneplus 3 and Oneplus 3T has started rolling out, but released only in a select few places based on the geolocation. But, if you are one of those people who like to be in upfront when it comes to updates, like me, if you’re in a hurry, then we can help you get that update right now!


Okay, fam, here it goes:

  1. Download Opera VPN. (Download here)
  2. Start the VPN app and select region Germany.
  3. Open settings.
  4. It will report as update available.
  5. Select Download.


Enjoy your Nougat update! Don’t thank me, just share the post and put the word out! 😉

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