World's first AI politician

World’s first AI politician is likely to run for election in 2020, Meet SAM

The period of machine language and and AI are upon us, Now it’s time to gaze at SAM, the first AI politician in New Zealand.

Scientists have designed and developed the world’s first artificial intelligence politician, that can answer a person’s questions regarding local issues such as policies around housing, education and immigration. The virtual politician, called SAM, was created by Nick Gerritsen, a 49-year-old entrepreneur in New Zealand

“There is a lot of bias in the ‘analogue’ practice of politics right now” – Gerritsen, SAM’s Creator.

Gerritsen also stated – “There seems to be so much existing bias that countries around the world seem unable to address fundamental and multiple complex issues like climate change and equality,”


The AI politician is constantly learning to respond to people through Facebook Messenger as well as a survey on its Homepage

Gerritson hopes that SAM will be advanced enough to run as a candidate during the 2020 elections in New Zealand. However, it is not legally possible for SAM to contest based upon the current law.

“SAM is an enabler and we plan to operate within existing legal boundaries” -Gerritsen

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