This store is selling gold-plated Trump iPhones for $151,000.

Well who doesn’t want a gold plated smartphone? But who wants a gold plated smartphone with Trump’s face on it? Apparently a lot of people in the US.Read on to find out!

If you have six figures to drop on someone very special this Christmas, why not go for a gold-plated iPhone case featuring Donald Trump’s face?

The solid gold smartphone, which is also encrusted with diamonds, is priced at about $151,000, CNN Money reported. Goldgenie is selling the phone, a business that adds gold plates to any item customers want.

The gold-plated Trump iPhone came into existence after a Chinese woman walked into a Goldgenie store in Sharjah, near Dubai, and asked for a device with the president-elect’s face, Frank Fernando, Goldgenie’s managing director, told CNN Money. The woman hoped to give the iPhone to Trump after his inauguration next month, Fernando added.

Since selling the first gold Trump iPhone, Goldgenie has received nine additional orders for the custom gilded smartphone. The business, which started in London in 1989, also sells a number of other high-priced gold items, like a gold-plated racing bike priced at about $350,000. Staff members will even take gold-plating machines to wealthy individuals homes in order to cover their entire bathrooms.

“There are very wealthy, high-net-worth individuals all over the world and sometimes its very difficult to buy gifts for them because they have everything,” Fernando told CNN Money.

Oh well, if you got money ,you got honey. Surprise your loved ones by spending a lot. You can’t go wrong doing that now,can you?
There you have it, gold plated cell with Trump’s face on it.

Let us know how you feel about this Trump faced gold-plated Iphone, would you ever buy it?

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